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Explore: Boston University School of Theology Faculty Survey, 2019

Taking these surveys as a faculty member at Boston University School of Theology will be useful in several ways.

  • You will learn something about your own religious belief and practices, and your personal spiritual style.
  • You will be able to compare your scores to others among the faculty, as well as with everyone who has taken the surveys. To see your score anonymously compared to others, you need to come to this site using the URL provided by the Deans' Office.
  • You will contribute to creative research into religion and spirituality.

Remember that your results are confidential and that we carefully protect your privacy.

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Step 2 BU School of Theology Faculty Spectrums Survey, 2019 No Results YetPlease Register to Take StudyHow do you score on a variety of religious dimensions of religious belief and practice? This survey gives you a multidimensional profile of your liberalism and/or conservatism.
Step 3 Dimensions of Spirituality Inventory No Results YetPlease Register to Take StudyWhat is the shape of your personal spirituality? This survey helps you understand your individual spirituality in a number of distinct dimensions.
Step 4 Big 5 Personality Scale No Results YetPlease Register to Take StudyHow do you score on the five major aspects of personality? This survey helps you understand your personality style.

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